Saving Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is shrinking at a rate of one meter per year and could disappear completely if action is not taken in the next 25-50 years; making one of the world's most unique environments simply disappear. The reasons are complicated - a hotter and dryer climate, diversion of water inflows from the Jordan, and to a lesser extent, commercial mineral harvesting. Despite the fact that only a small part of this harvesting is related to the personal care industry with most going for larger scale commercial purposes such as potash, we believe that One With Nature (and the personal care industry in general) has a special obligation to take steps to protect the Dead Sea.

We have begun this commitment with a partnership and series of donations to an organization called Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME). FoEME is helping to lead an international effort to investigate and promote large scale efforts to re-invigorate the Dead Sea. These efforts include the Red-Dead Conduit Project (an ambitious effort to study the feasibility of connecting the Red Sea and Dead Sea to help preserve the Dead Sea, and provide new sources of drinking water) and several projects to rehabilitate the River Jordan, which connects the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee. We don’t yet know which of these projects makes the most sense (or perhaps the best plan has yet to be developed), but we believe that it is important to immediately support practical, outcome oriented research.

It is just a start, but by raising awareness and donating a portion of our profits to FoEME's Dead Sea preservation efforts, we hope to contribute to a solution, helping to preserve the Dead Sea for future generations.

Dead Sea Conservation


Friends of the Earth Middle East